Friday, November 26, 2010

Get Gamm - Regular Season Finale
Hope everyone had a peaceful, quiet, relaxing and stuffing Thanksgiving. Sorry for my late post - especially for Twin City Buckeye who was the only unbeaten last week - but work has been a zoo and time has slipped away.

That means no Nebraska pick this week... but maybe I'll toss it in for the Big 12 Title game. May or may not get to the Big Ten / ACC Challenge either. Funny how basketball doesn't grab your attention as quickly when your team is having a great football season.

Michigan at Ohio State - Let's be clear. I am not rooting for Michigan to beat tOSU, even though it helps my Spartans in the big picture. Now, should OSU have an epic stumble, so be it! On that point... no way that happens. Michigan will fight for a half, but no longer. OSU 42 - Michigan 20.

Michigan State at Penn State - History is not on MSU's side in Happy Valley. However, word that JoePa is coming back helps take some of the potential PSU frenzy out of the fray. This is a rare time where the Spartans should win this contest. Make no mistake, it will be a battle and I think it will take another special teams play to get it done. Conroy from 48 as time expires. MSU 30 - PSU 27.

Iowa at Minnesota - Iowa is playing for the Outback rather than the Gator. Might not seem like much but you know this wounded team wants to finish strong. Minnesota got a nice win over Illinois and keeps this tight for a bit, but then the Pig goes back to Iowa. Iowa 31 - Minnesota 20.

Indiana at Purdue - IU is playing to save Coach Lynch. Purdue is playing to end the season strong and is already looking to health and prosperity in 2011 - since neither were there in 2010. Purdue has to be angry about the way last week slipped away and will take it out on an Indiana team that wasn't quite as bad as the record shows. Purdue 27 - Indiana 23

Northwestern at Wisconsin - OSU and MSU wish Dan Persa was healthy and playing. NU often gives UW fits but not this time. Wisconsin rolls and likely gains the Roses... Wisconsin 37 - Northwestern 17

Illinois at Fresno State - The Illini want to go out strong and make it a solid seven on the season. Fresno is always a tough place to play, but I think Illinois is better than its 6-5 record and gets a nice, solid, season ending win. Ill-I-N-I 35 - Fresno 23


Twincitybuckeye said...

Ohio State-41 Michigan-27
Penn State-27 Michigan State-24
Iowa-31 Minnesota-16
Purdue-40 Indiana-27
Wisconsin-34 NW-13
Illinois-30 Fresno State-17

Phats said...

Ohio State 49 michigan 17

Michigan State 27 penn state 24

Iowa 28 minnesota 10

Purdue 49 indiana 7 BOILER UP!

Wisconsin 38 northwestern 10

Illinois 31 Fresno 21