Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get Gamm - Week Eleven
Sorry guys... been on the road for work and am getting this in just under the wire!

Twin City is picking with me this week and since I have no time, he's the main commentator.

Indiana at Wisconsin
Gamm says... IU won't play UW as close as they did Iowa. Wisconsin 34 - Indiana 10

TwinCityBuckeye says... IU is winless in Big 10 but gave Iowa a scare last week. Can they do the same to Wiscy? Uh, no. Wisconsin-33 Indiana-17

Iowa at Northwestern
Gamm says... NU has a way of biting the Hawkeyes. But Iowa's attention was received last week in Bloomington. Iowa 27 - NU 23

TCB says... Hawkeyes have a big one looming next week in Iowa City and must guard against looking ahead. Plus, Wildcats always seem to play them tough. This will be another nail-biter for Hawkeye fans. Iowa-27 Northwestern-21

Michigan at Purdue
Gamm says... If Purdue had a full compliment, I'd go with old black and gold. But that's not the case. M gets its last win of the season. Michigan 41 - Purdue 27

TCB says... Wolverines are bowl-eligible! They will be feeling good about themselves while PU suffers through an injury-riddled season. This should be yet another high-scoring game. Michigan-41 Purdue-28

Illinois at Minnesota
Gamm says... Illinois bounces back BIG. ILL-I-N-I 40 - Minny ha ha 10

TCB says... Can't think of a more boring game. Illini will wash out the bitterness of last weeks shootout with a "gind-it-out" win over the hapless Goofers. Illinois-24 Minnesota-13

Penn State at Ohio State
Gamm says... Game of the week in a light week. PSU is playing well, but OSU better. OSU 34 - Penn State 21

TCB says... Nittany Lions are "insulted" by the 17 point spread and will use that as motivation. One problem, they have nowhere near the talent of OSU. Ohio State-31 Penn State-14

Kansas at Nebraska
Gamm says... Corn rolls 41 - 14

TCB says... Huskers will be unkind to Nebraska alum Turner Gill. This will be ugly. Nebraska-45 Kansas-13

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mayo170 said...

Nice pick on the Northwestern win Dan. I had a gut feeling and didn't go with it.