Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Gamm - Week 12
It is hard to believe that we have but two weeks left in the regular season. Heck, hoops started this week and I have hardly even had the time to digest the success of my Spartans on the gridiron! That's a nice change.

Buckeye Nation is picking with me this week, his first win of the season. Only a few more chances to get to that top spot...

Penn State vs. Indiana (Landover, MD)
Gamm says... Both of these teams were shellacked last weekend. Penn State hung for a half before the bottom dropped out. IU held on for a little more than a quarter before becoming talk show fodder. Really? You can't stop the opponent on ONE possession in a game? The Hoosiers sold out to earn some cash in lieu of a home game. Penn State gets healthy and secures win number seven at FedEx Field. Penn State 34 - Indiana 17

Buckeye Nation says... How pathetic is it for Indiana football? On the heels of giving up over 80 points, you now play a "home" game 500 miles away. Penn State had the range of emotions last Saturday, exhilaration then humiliation, all in the span of 3 hours. Indiana felt only the humiliation part. What's worse, the Hoops team is still at least a year or two away from being legitimate again.The nightmare for Indiana continues as PSU CEO JoePa secures win 401. Penn State 37 - Indiana 17

Purdue at Michigan State
Gamm says... Two teams with a prize in mind. Purdue needs two wins to go bowling. Michigan State needs two wins to clinch at least a share of its first Big Ten title since 1990. Purdue's defense is looking really good and Ryan Kerrigan is a flat out stud. But the offense is shaky at best, as evidenced by the paltry output against the world's worst defense - Michigan. State takes a half to shake the BYE week rust, but rolls in the end. MSU 33 - Purdue 14.

Buckeye Nation says... The Boilers are in the throes of a 4-games losing streak, but have shown flashes of promise in their last two losses to Wisconsin and Michigan. The Boilers can become bowl eligible with a win at MSU and a likely win against Indiana for the Old Oaken Bucket. However, this will be Senior Day in East Lansing with the best senior class in the Dantonio era, and they will not deny the Spartan faithful a home win. Look for Kirk Cousins to have his way on Saturday. Michigan State 31 - Purdue 13

Wisconsin at Michigan
Gamm says... It is hard for me to believe that with the success this UW program has had in the past 20 years, it has only won twice in Ann Arbor in the past 50 years. Michigan is securely in a bowl with seven wins but wants to become prominent again. UW is playing very well right now and has Pasadena in sight. Michigan will keep this a game, but in the end, Wisconsin has too much ball control and run game for the Wolverines to overcome. UW 38 - Michigan 27

Buckeye Nation says... As much as I hate to say it, the Badgers have been on a roll. Except for one afternoon in East Lansing, they find a way to win in the tough games, and blow away the bottom-feeders. Even with RB Clay out, the Badgers hung 83 points on Indiana. The Wolverines are bowl eligible for the first time in the RichRod era, and will close out the home schedule with Wisconsin. UW has won only twice in the past 50 years in Ann Arbor. While I won't be rooting for a Michigan win this weekend, I will be rooting for a Wisconsin loss. Gotta go with the heart. Michigan 42 - Wisconsin 41

Illinois at Northwestern (Wrigley Field)
Gamm says... Just when Zook thought his hide was safe. An epic loss to Michigan and then allowance of a game winning drive, at home, to the very worst team in the Big Ten? Suddenly, Illinois has to win one of the last two to get to a bowl and neither is a given. Northwestern has to replace Dan Persa but you know what, every time NU has had to replace a signal caller in the past, the understudy steps in and steps up big. This will be cool, with Game Day in tow. Illinois finds a way to get it done, but barely. Illinois 27 - Northwestern 24

Buckeye Nation says... Two teams at a crossroads this season. The Wildcats, coming off another HUGE win against Iowa, have lost their QB leader Dan Persa for the season. The Illini, not yet bowl eligible, looked to be the surprise team in the conference until they lost the scoring battle in Ann Arbor, and followed it up with a disheartening loss to the hapless, coach-less Gophers. In case you hadn't heard, the Lincoln Trophy game will be at Wrigley Field this year instead of Evanston. But Chicago is an Illini town as much if not more so than it is a Wildcat town. Without Persa, the Cats just aren't the same team. Illinois 27 - Northwestern 17

Ohio State at Iowa (Tiebreaker)
Gamm says... A few weeks ago, I had this pegged as the help MSU needed. I've been back and forth a million times on this one. OSU has a mega conference title streak to uphold. Iowa has played pissed off football and done major damage coming off of losses. Senior Day at Kinnick. A chance to spoil a season for someone, much in the way the Wildcats have done to the Hawks the past two years. Iowa still has an outside hope for a four way tie at 6-2 and puts MSU in the diver's seat, mere weeks after slapping Sparty around in Iowa City. Iowa 24 - OSU 23

Buckeye Nation says... Given the recent losses by Iowa, this game has lost a little bit of its luster, but not from the viewpoint of its participants, or the conference standings. Ricky Stanzi gets to face the team that didn't want the native Ohioan. The Buckeyes, after one of their worst halves of the season against Penn State, then put together one of their best halves in burying the Lions in the Horseshoe. This will be a hard-hitting game, but the Buckeyes remain focused after seeing what lethargy will do them with the memory of halftime from last Saturday. Terrelle Pryor and Boom Herron keep it running on all cylinders for OSU. Ohio State 34 - Iowa 17

Nebraska at Texas A&M
Gamm says... I like this game. A&M is playing very well right now. Nebraska is too, however, and wants to leave the Big 12 with a bang. A win here clinches the North. A&M is a bit of a long shot to win the South but wants to keep momentum high. The home field advantage at Kyle Field is nice and I think it is enough to get the Aggies a W. A&M 30 - Nebraska 28

Buckeye Nation says... Bo Pelini called out the Husker fans for their blase attitude last Saturday. This time, he will have to call out his troops for a tough game at College Station. On their way out of the Big 12, Nebraska makes the Aggie fans bid them good riddance. Nebraska 24 - Texas A&M 21


Twincitybuckeye said...

Penn State-34 Indiana-17
Michigan State-37 Purdue-17
Wisconsin-41 Michigan-30
Illinois-23 NW-13
Ohio State-27 Iowa-19
Texas A&M-20 Nebraska-16

AndrewJ1313 said...

Penn State 34 vs. Indiana 17
Purdue 14 at Michigan State 38
Wisconsin 38 at Michigan 16
Illinois 19 at Northwestern 17
Ohio State 24 at Iowa 13 (Tiebreaker)
Nebraska 24 at Texas A&M 14

Dan Meyer said...

#@%&?>! "moral victories"

Dan Meyer said...

Headed out of town tomorrow, so thought that I better get my picks in tonight. Week 13 picks:

Indiana 10 at PURDUE 17--IU goes 0-7 in conference; Purdue is eliminated from bowls in the most frustrating way possible by the Spartans--what else is new? Another thing that does not change--the Boilers keep the Bucket.

Michigan 24 at OHIO STATE 45--Too bad this won't be enough to cause Rich Rod to be canned--though a bad bowl loss plus a bad loss to Buckeyes might be enough.

MICHIGAN STATE 24 at Penn State 21--I don't have a lot of confidence here, but the Spartans should be the better team and get a share of the Big Ten championship.

IOWA 28 at Minnesota 14--Hawkeyes best get used to "g'day mate" and blooming onions.

Northwestern 14 at WISCONSIN 31--Would have been a lot more interesting with Persa (and Clay for that matter). Nonetheless, Bucky gets to give his best girl a bouquet of roses.

Illinois 21 at FRESNO STATE 24--Strictly a home-field pick, I have given up on figuring out the Illini.

Colorado 13 at NEBRASKA 21--Guess last Saturday's game had enough bad calls to make Ted Valentine envious--then the Pelini bros melted down post-game. Huskers have more talent, the home-field advantage and an opportunity to still beat out Missouri to represent the Big 12 North in the last championship game for a while.

mayo170 said...

Michigan 27 at Ohio State 41
Indiana 16 at Purdue 23
Michigan State 34 at Penn State 26
Iowa 28 at Minnesota 6
Northwestern 22 at Wisconsin 42
Colorado 13 at Nebraska 45

Buckeye Nation said...

Indiana 23 @ Purdue 34
-The Old Oaken Bucket remains in West Lafayette.
Michigan State 24 @ Penn State 28
-MSU's title hopes come up just short in a memorable year.
Iowa 23 @ Minnesota 21
-the Hawkeyes salvage Floyd of Rosedale in an otherwise disappointing season.
Northwestern 17 @ Wisconsin 38
-the Badgers can smell the Roses; it would take a miracle for a NU win.
Illinois 24 @ Fresno State 21
-Illini feeling oats after Lincoln Trophy win.
Colorado 17 @ Nebraska 37
-Bo Pelini takes his anger out on the Buffaloes.
Michigan 21 @ Ohio State 45
-Tressel goes to 9-1 against that team up north.