Saturday, November 27, 2010

So, we have a three way tie at the top of the Big Ten heap, with the rest of the pack well back. Each of the three is going to argue its merits as the Rose Bowl rep. And I'll listen intently, but am going to tell you who I think deserves to go. And I'm going to do it based on facts, not my heart...

Michigan State deserves to go. Michigan State is the only team other than Auburn in the soon to be new BCS Top Ten with a schedule rating in the top 33. OSU and Wisconsin? Right around 60.

And beyond that SOS stuff, which is subjective, how about head to head. MSU was 1-0 against the other two. Wisconsin was 1-1. Ohio State was 0-1. Not MSU or OSU's fault they didn't play one another so at the same time, why punish the Spartans? Because the green and white beat UW longer ago? Give me a break.

The BCS was made to get the top two teams together in the title game and does a pretty fair job at it. But the rest of the bowls? JOKE. The real argument is that the Big Ten should be sending three teams to represent in the Big Four bowls. The Big Least and ACC should be left on the sidelines. But that won't happen, so back to now.

Michigan State is going to get screwed here, even though the Spartans deserve the Rose Bowl and at the very least, an at-large BCS berth. Why? Because those who vote and pay no attention will see what Wisconsin did to Indiana and a banged-up Northwestern at the end of the season.

And Badgers out there, spare me the MSU couldn't beat UW how they are playing today. The Spartans beat Wisconsin when Clay was healthy, and stopped his long 100-yard rushing game streak. Oh and State did it after finding out less than 24 hours earlier that Head Coach Mark Dantonio was back in the hospital with a blood clot. If ever a team could have an excuse to fold, that was it.

I know I'm preaching to no one and certainly won't get support from my Buckeye friends, but hey, it is what it is. Michigan State should go to the Rose Bowl, Wisconsin the at-large and tOSU the Capital One. But hey, I'm just a blogger, happy as pigs in you-know-what that my Alma mater finally won the big one and gets to lay claim to a Big Ten title...


AndrewJ1313 said...


I think had MSU not lost they way they lost to an Iowa team (that just lost to Minnesota and has four other losses to go with it) they would be in the drivers seat for at least an at large BCS bid ahead of the Buckeyes. Wisconsin's drumming of OSU and the recent basketball type scores they are putting up is what will ensure them the Rose Bowl in my opinion. Ohio State's ability to hold the mighty Michigan offense to 7 points today will help OSU, but the recent comments by Gordon Gee may have cost OSU a few votes by the AP which could help MSU jump enough to rank higher and get an at-large. With Boise's loss though, maybe the AP won't be so harsh on OSU. We'll see. No matter how the cards fall, OSU and MSU are most likely to play SEC teams and I hope, I HOPE that both beat the living you know what out of them. As for Wisconsin, they will probably be playing TCU in the Rose Bowl and I hope they pound them too. I heard today that Boise is now likely to get Ohio U in the Humanitarian Bowl. Talk about irony; Gee says they play Sisters of the poor and they get OSU's poor sister...

Andy Gamm said...

Good points Andrew. But what your own Robert Smith said really irked me. "MSU has not beaten anyone with less than 5 losses."

Ah, yeah. Wisconsin was 11-1 last I checked and we beat them by 10 without our coach.

For that matter UW's only win over a team with less than 5 losses was tOSU and I'm not sure your Bucks beat anyone with less than five losses.

MSU's SOS is far better, and if it is all about marketing, can you get a better story?!

Don't get me wrong. All three are stellar and I'd put them against anyone in the nation. SEC be damned!!! I'm thrilled that MSU got our fourth title in my lifetime, and the Capital One is always a good bowl, but it would be a travesty if we got shunned by the BCS over a popularity contest.

Wisconsin didn't play what, Illinois or Penn State? Two decent, middle of the pack teams.

What happens will happen. Congrats Buckeyes, Badgers and Spartans on fantastic seasons!

Buckeye Nation said...

Congrats Andy on MSU's co-championship with OSU and Wisconsin. I was a doubter, but no more.
Coach Dantonio is a class act and the future of Spartan football is bright with him at the helm.
Unfortunately, in addition to the points Andrew made, MSU is being penalized for not being in the BCS conversation until this year. People tend to go with familiarity and view the upstarts with a jaundiced eye. I'm not trying to justify it, only explain it.
Beginning next year, there will no longer be any "Big 10 co-champs" - never again.

Buckeye Nation said...

Hey Andy.
are we going to do the Big 10-ACC Challenge?

Dan Meyer said...

Hooray for the Big 10--two in a row on the Challenge!