Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend recap...
Just when you thought last weekend was going to be sort of boring, BAM! We had an upset, major points being scored, a second half outburst and more. And after it all... there are now three teams with an eye on the prize (Pasadena).

First of all, props to my Team of the Week Northwestern. Down 17-7, the Wildcats picked off a pass as they faced a coffin nailing 24-7 deficit and turned in a frenetic finish and a 21-17 upset win. Sure, Player of the Week Dan Persa is lost for the season after a strange Achilles tendon blowout, but that didn't stop ESPN Game Day from saddling up to watch the battle for Sweet Sioux (I know, now it is actually Lincoln's head or something) at Wrigley Field.

The second eye popper was UW scoring on every possession and making the Hoosiers appear as though they were a late entry to the Halloween party, masquerading as a D3 squad. Ouch. 83 freaking points? By a run first team like the Badgers? And without John Clay? Maybe Indiana and Minnesota can share interviews as both will assuredly be seeking a new coach.

Ohio State was sloppy and sleepy early, but burst the legend of Matt McGloin with a huge second half. The Bucks are playing well right now with two tests left...

Props to Minnesota for finding a way to beat Illinois. Two thumbs down to the Illini for blowing a great chance to secure a New Year's Day bowl berth.

The ho-hum, boring game of the week was in West Lafayette. More slop than a pig barn at feeding time. Enough said.

Get Gamm...
Congrats to past champ Buckeye Nation, who was closest in a log jam to the tiebreaker and gets his first W of the season. BN - you know the drill.

Penn State vs. Indiana (Landover, MD)
Purdue at Michigan State
Wisconsin at Michigan
Illinois at Northwestern
Ohio State at Iowa (Tiebreaker)
Nebraska at Texas A&M

Bowl Outlook...
It is a three team race for Pasadena. Wisconsin hasn't won in Ann Arbor since I was in college. Ohio State gets to face an angry Iowa team at Kinnick. Michigan State has Purdue at home. Here is how I see it playing out...

Rose Bowl - Wisconsin (wins out, best ranked BCS team)
Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State (wins out, gets nod over MSU)
Capital One Bowl - Michigan State (wins out, gets passed over by BCS for the second time - 1999 was the other)
Outback Bowl - Iowa
Gator Bowl - Penn State
Insight Bowl - Michigan
Texas Bowl - Northwestern
TicketCity Bowl - Illinois


Phats said...

Penn State 49 indiana 10

Michigan State 31 purdue 17 :( My Heart says the Boiler, head says otherwise

Wisconsin 49 michigan 21

Nortwestern 28 illinois 24

Ohio State 28 iowa 17

Nebraska 35 texas a&m 21

Dan Meyer said...

PENN STATE 27 vs. Indiana 10--Last week's second half nonwithstanding, Lions have looked pretty good since Columbus Day, which is more than the Hoosiers can say.

Purdue 7 at MICHIGAN STATE 38--I prefer to reflect on Breslin last winter.

WISCONSIN 42 at Michigan 21--The two-game winning streak comes to a skreeching halt.

ILLINOIS 24 at Northwestern 21--Persa's unfortunate injury gives the Illini semi-undeserved bowl eligibility

*OHIO STATE 21 at Iowa 20--Late Hawkeye FG miss gives BN, Twincity and Andrew cause for celebration after some nervous moments. Congrats to the Buckeyes on beating FL in hoops yesterday.

NEBRASKA 20 at Texas A&M 17--A second highly-ranked visitor sweat, then celebrates--this time, the Big Twelve North

mayo170 said...

Penn State 37 vs. Indiana 3 (Landover, MD)
Purdue 16 at Michigan State 34
Wisconsin 38 at Michigan 26
Illinois 27 at Northwestern 13
Ohio State 22 at Iowa 17(Tiebreaker)
Nebraska 27 at Texas A&M 13